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Completely configure your purchasing workflows to fit your needs.

Purchase To Pay

Only pay for what you ordered and actually received.

Strategic Sourcing

Negotiate better deals with your best suppliers.

Supplier Management

Organize suppliers to know who your true partners are.

How Monaqsat works?

Monaqsat is a link between buyers and suppliers, where the buyer will be able to post purchase requests electronically. These requests will reach to thousands of authorized suppliers (SMEs) around the Egypt.


Buyer will be able to post purchase requests electronically.

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Authorized suppliers from small & medium enterprises

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Operational Purchasing Elements

With a simple, intuitive user interface, it’s never been so easy to operate the procurement process within your team. Collaborate between all company departments, as well as external suppliers on one system


Get employees to submit simple internal forms to centralize purchasing.

Purchase Orders

Customize your purchase order template to improve efficiency.


Use RFQs and RFPs to improve supplier negotiations and save money.

Delivery Tracking

Track receiving to know what stage each order is in and identify discrepancies.


Reconcile received invoices to your purchase orders in seconds.


Allow employees to submit expense records and get reimbursed.